Know the Characteristics of Pregnancy Outside the Womb Early

Pregnancy outside the womb or in medical terms is known as an ectopic pregnancy, is one condition that can have serious consequences. To be aware of it, it is important to recognize the characteristics of pregnancy outside the womb so that it can be treated immediately and reduce the risk of complications that may occur. Pregnancy outside the womb is a pregnancy that occurs when a fertilized egg is not attached or attached to the uterus as is normal, but is attached to a place other than the uterus, such as fallopian tubes, abdominal cavities, ovaries, or cervix (cervix) ). In this condition, the fertilized egg cannot grow normally and usually causes the death of an embryo (fetus). This death is because organs in the abdomen other than the uterus are not designed as an embryo for growth. Pregnancy outside the womb can be a dangerous condition if a tear occurs at the location where the embryo grows. These tears can cause fatal heavy bleeding if not treated quickly. One of the most
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